September 2000 Trip
Jakub Nowak

© Jakub Nowak    Trip led by Stanis³aw Kotarba operated in the Girda Seaca Valley, near Girda de Sus village (Bihor Mountains) between 24 and 30 september 2000. The group visited the Ghetarul de la Vrtop Cave, Din Piriul Hodobanei Cave, Zguraşti Cave (see Romania february 2000), Hoanca Apei Cave, Coiba Mare Cave, Oililor Cave and Pojarul Politei Cave.
The Ghetarul de la Vrtop Cave is not a long one but it is full of speleothemes. It is protected by iron gate and it is possible to get the key from nearby house. The Din Piriul Hodobanei Cave with over 20 km of lenght appeared a cave with a not roomy corridors and not as beautiful as other romanian caves, but it is very interesting system. Coiba Mare Cave with about 5 km of lenght has two parts: dry and wet, with active water flow. This time the group visited dry part of the cave. Three other mentioned caves are not big but very atractive and that why two of them are protected by the gates.
The trip members made a documentary photographs in every cave.

    P.S. We would like to thank Cristian Ciubotarescu from A.S. "Sfinx" Club for his hospitality.

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Romania - May 2000