Lamprechtsofen 2000

Jakub Nowak

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Lamprechtsofen Cave Expedition 2000
© Jakub Nowak

   Cracow Caving Club Expedition Lampo 2000 led by Andrzej Ciszewski operated in the Leoganger Steinberge massif (Salzburgian Alps) from 23 july to 3rd september. The goal was to find the connection between the highest lying entrance of the Lamprechtsofen System (PL-2 Cave) and CL-3 Cave, whose entrance lies 61 m higher. During the expedition it was about 1 km discovered in lenght, and from -350 m to about -580 m in depth. It appeared that it is difficult to find the horizontal corridors leading in the direction of the Lamprechsofen System. All discovered parts are vertical with short horizontal corridors. There are five places where the exploration was not finished but all they are the vertical pit. There are also not explored three windows in 70 m pit. The Lodowa Cave and the PL-13 Cave were negatively explored.

CL3 Cave
S-N Vertical section

© Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak

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