Kitzsteinhorn 2002

Shorter visit in Kitzsteinhorn Massif © Stanisław Wasyluk
Expedition Feichtnerschacht 2002 took place between 9 and 23 March. The exploration was led from the bivouac at - 450 m in Z Mi¶kiem Room. We continued the exploration from depth of - 1025 m. The way led us by a very narrow and muddy passages and we went to -1049 m. This is the end of this cave's part. © Stanisław Wasyluk During our activity we found two other interesting ways inside the massif. First starts from the bivouac at -450 m and by Izabela's Cascades goes to - 682 m. Exploration is not finished here. The second interesting continuation starts from the level - 900 m and goes 90 m lower. The exploration was stopped above small pit. Today we know five bottoms in the cave and it seems to be a very big, interesting cave system.

© Stanisław Wasyluk
The Expedition was organised by Cracow Caving Club and it was led by Andrzej Ciszewski. Expedition participants: Andrzej Ciszewski - leader, Michał Ciszewski, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, Jan Kuæmierz, Jarosław Matras, Henryk Nowacki, Jakub Nowak, Wojciech Sieprawski, Stanisław Wasyluk, Ewa Wójcik, Agnieszka Gajewska, Richard Feichtner (Austria).

Jakub Nowak

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