Short visit in Kitzsteinhorn Massif

   Expedition Feichtnerschacht 2001 took place between 29 March and 10 April. © Jakub Nowak ; Nacieki w Nagasaki The goal was to continue exploration from year before. From Prophet Room (Sala Proroka, -700 m), trough narrow passage the cave continues as a meander "In Despite" (Na Przekór) and small cascades separated by short corridors. From the -900 m level there is a lot of gold colour mud in corridors (Złota Galeria, Stajnie Augiasza). Finally, after five actions the exploration was stopped at a depth of - 1025 m, but it is not finished yet. The exploration was led from the bivouac at - 400 m. It was caused by the necessity of digging in the same place as a year before. That is why the exploration was not effective enough. © Jakub NowakThe cave is dangerous because of weakness of rock and falls (Nagasaki, Gilotyna, Guernika). During the visit there happened an accident. Falling stone broke two fingers of our friend, but he was able to leave the cave by himself. On the other hand the cave is very interesting because of non typical rock - micaceous calcareous schist, and many speleothems for alpine cave. During the visit a new cave, named Eisschacht was explored to -157 m level. The entrance was discovered by Richard Feichtner a few days before expedition arrive. © Jakub Nowak

The Expedition was organised by Cracow Caving Club and it was led by Andrzej Ciszewski. Expedition participants: Andrzej Ciszewski - leader, Marcin Czart, Agnieszka Gajewska, Henryk Nowacki, Jakub Nowak, Krzysztof Nowak, Krzysztof Piksa, Krzysztof Recielski, Wojciech Sieprawski, Ewa Wójcik and Philippe Audra, Jean Paul Saunier (France).

© Jakub Nowak
© Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak © Jakub Nowak
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Kitzsteinhorn 2000